It Should Go Without Saying: TCC Addresses Sexual Harassment Revelations

Bill Cosby. Harvey Weinstein. Mark Halperin. Roger Ailes. Bill O’ Reilly. Louis CK. Kevin Spacey. Roy Moore. Charlie Rose. Rep. John Conyers.

E tu, (insert name here).

1. You can’t 100% percent vouch for someone else’s behavior especially when you were not present.

You can speak to their character or your dealings with them. Unless you are a conjoined twin, don’t waste time writing letters of support (SNL writers and Al Franken friends) or giving press conferences (Roy Moore lawyers) pledging that the person in question definitely did not do something. It should go without saying that we are all capable of great evil and work to hide our indiscretions.

2. Allegations are not facts.

The existence of allegations and number of accusers does not equal a preponderance of the evidence. It should go without saying that people should be given due process and Internet mobs should not destroy a person’s life and career simply because they were accused of impropriety.

3. All men are not sexist pigs.

Many articles from liberal leaning sites seem to be implying that all men are like these predators and serial abusers. It should go without saying that there all men do not exploit and harass women.

4. There is a difference between sexual harassment and sexual assault.

Conflating the two diminishes the seriousness of physical criminal assault. It should go without saying that if every pass made at a woman constitutes harassment the term loses power and is rendered meaningless.

5. The American people should not pay for harassment settlements.

The congressional slush fund has paid out millions. The offending congressman/staffers should be made public. We have a right to know who they are and vote them out accordingly. It should go without saying that the tax paying public has a right to know.

6. Don’t be surprised when a public figure who has previously alluded to sexual deviancy in the past is suddenly faced with allegations.

As a famous writer said once “when people show you who they are, believe them.” With many of these men (Louis CK, Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Charlie Rose, etc.), the signs were there. They were just swept under the rug in the past and their subordinates feared retaliation.

7. Abuse of power by any politician, regardless of party affiliation, is a betrayal of the public’s trust.

Selective outrage and calls for resignation are hypocritical. It should go without saying that a letter (R or D) does not determine right and wrong or truth.



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