My Observations on Election Night (Part 2)

  1. Pundits and pollsters got it dead wrong.

This was an insane election cycle. Donald Trump threw conventional wisdom and campaigning out of the window. Almost no one predicted that he would win when he entered the race. I remember when it was announced in DC that he was running in the previous election. The entire room burst into laughter. The main question is why were the majority of them so wrong at the end? My guess is a combination of living in the Beltway too long (out of touch with real Americans), oversampling of Dem’s in polls, closet Trump supporters, the media believing its’ own propaganda, and Hillary’s fundamental likability problem. Also, the Clinton campaign was never going to get the record, African-American turnout that President Obama garnered in his elections.

  1. Dire predictions and bold promises are hard to live down.

Are all of these celebrities really moving to another country now? Are all the people who promised to do “x” if Trump was elected going to keep their word? Hopefully, we all realize that the specter of Donald Trump-or any politician for that matter-should not cause us to act out of character or make an ill-advised decision. Take a deep breath. Live your life. Focus on what you can control-your attitude and actions.

  1. Sexism had little to do with Hillary Clinton’s defeat. It had everything to do with her sense of entitlement and trustworthiness.

Were there voters who didn’t want a female president? I’m sure that was the case in some instances. However, there were more women than ever before elected to both houses of Congress. People just didn’t want THAT woman. Her pay for play schemes and flouting of cybersecurity finally caught up to her. It’s as simple as that.

  1. The Democrats have thrown the “when they go low, we go high” phrase out of the window.

Twitter is currently in full meltdown mode. The trending hashtags are #notmypresident, #electionhangover, #vanjones, #theaudacityofhoplessness, and #fightlikehell. Also, somebody needs to tell Melania Trump to stay away from the Internet because every trashy picture she ever took is being circulated right now. It’s ironic how liberals labeled every person who was upset by President Obama’s win as a racist. The shoe is on the other foot now. I and many others opposed his policies and ideology not his skin color.

***On a completely different note, the Trump women will have much more interesting fashion choices over the next four years than Chelsea and Bill. #makestatedinnersgreatagain







One thought on “My Observations on Election Night (Part 2)

  1. I disagree with part of the statement #4 that all Democrats are liberal…just as it is I’ll sighted to believe all Republicans are conservative…If I were to say all Republicans are chanting racist words, that also would be wrong even though some are chanting those words. There are still Democrats that are going high that should not be lumped in with those going low. I am neither but even if I were, there should be caution when using labels to ensure they are not all inclusive. One should judge the individual not the entire group…oh by the way, I believe racism still exist and was used against President Obama and I disagreed with some of His policies as well.


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