Things We Should Stop Doing in 2017

  1. Being shocked by liberals in Hollywood

Why are Meryl Streep’s comments causing such an uproar? If she had claimed to be a conservative, that would be news. The fact that she believes in the liberal policies and lifestyles that she portrays in her movies shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. Most of Hollywood campaigned very heavily for Hillary Clinton. They were personally and financially invested in her winning. Streep is entitled to her opinion and by virtue of winning (almost) every award ever then she has the platform to subtweet Donald Trump. He had the right to respond to her verbal digs and, of course, he quickly did so on social media. There is nothing to see here. When celebs like Ashton Kutcher or Stephen Curry have something positive to say, let’s promote that instead of reposting the offensive speeches given at self-congratulatory award shows. (Note: Disagreeing with a celeb’s views doesn’t make their acting ability or body of work any less relevant.)

  1. Defending every decision made by our favored politician

Whether you are a fan of President elect Trump or President Obama, can we all agree that neither is perfect? Don’t feel a need to abandon your convictions because they send out a tweet or write an editorial. If you didn’t like drones being used on Americans before, you shouldn’t develop a newfound tolerance overnight. If you think that virtue is important, you shouldn’t abandon that because of your favorite politician’s lifestyle. We can support the politician that most closely aligns with our core policy positions without cosigning on everything they decide to do while in office. (A good rule of thumb is to take the statement or action and substitute your least favorite lawmakers name in the sentence. If you feel differently about the issue with a name change in front it, you may want to reevaluate your thoughts on the subject.) That works well for me.

  1. Disregarding the opposition’s perspective on issues

Even though it is painful, I read from a variety of publications and websites. I may never come to the same conclusions as Ta-Nehisi Coates or Cecile Richards but it important to understand their perspectives and address the (sometimes) valid complaints in their articles. Does the pro-life movement support the expectant mother after her child is born? Is mass incarceration really an issue in our country? Are there substantive reasons why minorities don’t identify with my political party?

  1. Reading just the headlines

Once you read past the headline (which may be facetious or misleading), you may discover a completely different story. (Also, check the date.)

  1. Crying wolf

Forget fake news. Can we talk about faux outrage? I don’t know about you but I don’t have time to be mad about every social media post, talk show diatribe, or clickbait headline. Is Donald Trump really going to depart all Muslims? Did President Obama really give himself a medal? There are important issues that we should monitor like whether we will go war to with Syria or Russia. That’s worthy of our time. We should be aware of how our Congressmen are voting. Life is busy. Find an outside group (Heritage Action, Liberty Council, Conservative Review) that produces a voting score card with issues that you care about and vote accordingly. As a wise person once said “save the drama for your momma!”



One thought on “Things We Should Stop Doing in 2017

  1. Great Post! Politics definitely isn’t my forte, but I agree with your perspective. I wish people would nix the drama and get to the real issues.


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