TCC Takes on the National Anthem Controversy Pt. 2

I thought this whole manufactured controversy would have died down by now but my timeline suggests otherwise. As I read through the comments and see the memes several things come to mind.

People on BOTH sides of the controversy are trying to avoid uncomfortable truths by focusing on the protest itself.

(Some) White people don’t want to accept that the playing field is not level or that sometimes all lives don’t matter whether that is in the streets, in the legal system, or on the job.

What bothers me is the people who rail against the protests without even trying to understand the perspective of the players. I am not saying that they are completely right. I disagree with the substance (police brutality is on the rise and Black men are unfairly targeted by the police) BUT I agree that there is a grain of truth to their grievances.

Being rich doesn’t insulate one from being slighted, dismissed, or stereotyped. On the other hand…

(Some) Black people don’t want to accept responsibility for the things that are in their control-their neighborhoods, their behavior, and their response to law enforcement officers.

It is much easier to focus on the minority of cops that abuse their authority or overreact than on the state of our own community and the violence that we perpetrate against each other (i.e. over 90% of black homicides were by other black people.) For comparison sake, about 82% of white homicides were by another whiter person. Bottom line, we are more likely to be shot by someone who looks like us than not.

It is easy to castigate those who are not respecting the anthem/flag but are we missing the forest for the trees?


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