TCC Takes on National Anthem Protests Pt. 1

*The national anthem protests issue started long before President Trump’s decision to insert himself in the debate this weekend. His inflammatory comments are a separate issue altogether. As for the protests themselves, “I got questions”….

1. Why are we up in arms over “paid patriotism”?

Look it up. Since 2009, the Department of Defense started paying the NFL money (our money) to conduct patriotic displays during the national anthem. This includes the giant flag displays, the bald eagles flying around, and fireworks. They have paid the league millions to “salute the troops.” In return for the sponsorship the NFL started requiring players to be on the sidelines during the anthem. The pregame displays are not an authentic display of patriotism. They are advertisements for the US military.

2. Do we not realize that the media has everything to gain by turning this into a major issue?

They zoom the cameras in on players who decline to stand and then breathlessly report the play by play of the various protest moves. They could choose not to highlight the protests but that doesn’t help their ratings. I refuse to be played like a marionette for trumped up controversies.

3. What is confusing about the First Amendment for conservatives?

I have read post after fiery post about how the players don’t have the right to protest. They have every right to do as they wish during the anthem. Conversely, their team ownership, the league, and the fans have the right to discipline them, fine them, or boycott them. We should be wary of calls by the President or anyone else to threaten people with the loss of a job because they refuse to carry out an act that is not contractually required or a part of their job description.

4. Why is it suddenly acceptable to deride, bully, and call people names if they don’t agree with us?

That question is for everyone. As the proverb says “an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.”

5. Can we all agree that the President’s decision to enter the fray was not a wise decision?

Giving expletive laden rants in a public forum is beneath the dignity of the office. Period. He has the right to express his opinion on the matter but the way that he chose to do so has united the Left, elevated the cause, and led others to join the protests in solidarity.

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