A to Z: The Legacy of President Obama

People often wonder why I didn’t support President Obama. Conventional wisdom says that I have to be a Democrat because I happen to be an African American. Now that he’s out of office, here are a few reasons why I didn’t vote for him and actively opposed his administration. It had nothing to with race.

President Obama’s Legacy A to Z

Abortion/Apology Tour\ARRA
Bowe Berghdahl trade/Benghazi
Drone strikes
Eric Holder DOJ
Fast and Furious
Green energy boondoggles and mandates
Health and Human Services Mandate
Iran deal
Justice Department politicization
K-12 education takeover (Common Core)
Lois Lerner (IRS targeting)
Military standards lowered and morale down
Netanyahu treatment
Paris climate agreement
Quotes about America
Regulatory overreach
Transgender bathroom rules
Utah land grab
Valerie Jarrett
War on Coal Industry
X funding (Planned Parenthood)
Youth Summit teaching
Zoning (HUD Regulations)


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