My Observations About the Election Results (Part 1)

For my liberal friends, we feel your pain. The anxiety you feel was the same feeling we had when President Obama won in 2008 and 2012. Also, we don’t really know what President elect Donald Trump will do either but let’s hope for the best.

  1. The Republicans now control the Executive Branch, the Congress (House and Senate), and the majority of governorships and state legislatures.

We will have only ourselves to blame if we don’t roll back the Obama era regulations and get our fiscal house in order. It will be a full-time job to undo the damage that President Obama has done to the American economy over the past 8 years. (Remember they delayed key parts of Obamacare until 2017. Repealing and replacing Obamacare should be first on the agenda.)

  1. Hillary Clinton promised she would usher in President Obama’s 3rd term. The American people sent a strong message last night.

Apparently, no one wanted that. As he said repeatedly on the campaign trail, his legacy depended on a Clinton win. Now, his legacy will be becoming the first Black president, passing Obamacare, negotiating the bad Iran deal, and turning the military into a social engineering experiment.

  1. I wrote an opinion editorial in the Washington Examiner about not scaring the children. This is why.

There are children who are genuinely scared this morning. Kids feed off of the adult’s around them. We need to help them process what has happened in a responsible way. Pray for him. He may turn out to be the biggest mistake we ever made or he truly might “make America great again.” (I think it’s pretty great already but what do I know.) Only time will tell.

  1. I am genuinely surprised that Hillary Clinton did not speak to her supporters after she realized the race was over. She owed them that much.

We gave quarterback Cam Newton a hard time after he chose to abruptly walk out of his post Super Bowl press conference. The US election is the Super Bowl of politics. Her supporters have campaigned tirelessly for her for months. If Donald Trump had pulled that stunt, the media would have crucified him.






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