Things I’m Over (2016 Election Edition)


  1. Vote Shaming

I welcome civil discussions and fact based posts about one’s candidate and their platform. With the 24 hour news cycle, we all miss a story now and then. Most of us know which friends post about a particular candidate. I resist the urge to “defriend” (though I might “unfollow”) in order to understand those on the other side of the aisle. Few people are going to be encouraged to change their views by an accusatory post filled with ALL CAPS and recriminations. Read to understand and discuss issues without using hyperbole. Personal attacks and generalizations about about whole groups of people never accomplish anything except shutting down dialogue. There is no need to alienate family and friends in real life over a politician you don’t know personally.


  1. Gloria Allred

Every four years, Gloria Allred and her clients materialize out of thin air to hold press conferences and accuse a GOP candidate of sexual misconduct. Remember the curious case of Herman Cain? Lurid tales and salacious accusations are spread by the media which result in the candidate dropping out in most cases. The women disappear and the media moves on to another story. If the accusations were legitimate, why weren’t the cases filed in court instead of being tried in the court of public opinion. If these candidates really committed the crimes they are accused of, then why is dropping out of a political race an acceptable form of punishment?


  1. False Equivalencies

Right is right and wrong is wrong. Two wrongs don’t make a right. The whole my candidate committed “x” but it’s not that bad because the other candidate said “x” argument doesn’t absolve either. (Note: Conservatives lose their moral high ground when they excuse the foibles of their favored candidate because of the letter behind their name.)


  1. October Surprises

If you have an incriminating tape/video/statement on the next leader of the free world, would you please go public during the primaries before the convention? If this information “disqualifies” them, shouldn’t we be made aware of it before we cross the general election Rubicon? With the increasing popularity of early voting, an October surprise effectively disenfranchises voters. Once the ballots are finalized, there is no recourse for a political party to replace a candidate even if the candidate themselves wanted to exit the race.


  1. False Memes

For the sake of all that is good in the world, google for 20 seconds and find out if a meme is true before you share it. Yes, Senator Bernie Sanders has held a real job. No, Members of Congress do not get paid their full salary for life.


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