TCC Takes on the Trump Tape

Maybe it’s just me but…..

  1. Why is the general public acting so shocked by the Access Hollywood recordings of Donald Trump and Billy Bush?

While I myself was appalled by the lewd references and expletive filled comments, this type of behavior is NOT new from Donald Trump. There are the Playboy interviews, the Howard Stern Show recordings, his own autobiographies describing his “personal Vietnam”, etc. The proof of his inappropriate behavior and cavalier ways stretch back over the decades. If you are an evangelical leader who is just now deciding to disavow Trump because of his lack of character, you didn’t do your homework in the first place.

  1. If you were voting for Donald Trump solely because of judges (SCOTUS) and HRC’s flawed policies, then that shouldn’t change because of these tapes.

There isn’t really much of a choice at this point. Trump changes his positions constantly but at least he is open to appointing originalists and has picked some social conservative stalwarts to work on his campaign. That is more than we (conservatives) are going to get from the Clinton campaign. It is important to have a seat at the table. As they say, if you aren’t at the table; you are probably on the menu. I hold no illusions about Donald Trump being a conservative or even being a decent human being but there’s a chance that Republican principles and values could be advanced in spite of him. With Hillary, we will just get more of President Obama’s failed and destructive policies. Personally, I won’t be relieved by either candidate winning the election.

  1. No one should be defending Donald Trump’s comments or insinuating that the objects of his unwanted advances are somehow in the wrong.

I don’t want to hear any more “locker room banter” or “all guys talk like that” justification from his supporters. Whether that type of discussion is common or not is completely irrelevant.  A married man should not be having that type of conversation with anyone anywhere. He was 60 or so at the time not 17. Yes, he’s not the first presidential candidate to have a moral failing (to put it nicely) but that doesn’t excuse his behavior. What happened to the conservative idea of individual responsibility? This school yard level argument of “he did it too” is beneath us. Many of the comments on Nancy’ O’ Dell’s public statement about the incident are truly deplorable. (Newsflash: She didn’t ask for him to try to seduce her and she apparently rejected his overtures.)

  1. All of the faux outrage from the liberal media, Hollywood, and Clinton supporters is the height of hypocrisy.

Both Hollywood and the liberal media roll out the red carpet, literally and figuratively, for all manner of degrading music lyrics, crass reality shows (see every show involving a Kardashian/Jenner), shocking awards shows (VMA’s, BET, MTV, etc.), graphic pornographic content, etc. but now they choose to develop morals and a conscience.

While I would never blame a wife for her husband’s infidelities, I do take issue with a wife who attacks the messengers and assassinates the character of her husband’s unwitting victims. If you didn’t care about the trail of women in Bill Clinton’s past and the subsequent perjury he committed during the congressional investigation, it is the height of hypocrisy to call for Trump to step aside for these audio recordings. For the record, I didn’t and don’t excuse either man’s actions but let’s call a spade, a spade.

  1. All of these Republican members of Congress calling for Trump to step aside are going to be in a bind either way.

Some of these Members (Senators Kirk, Collins, Murkowski, etc.) were against Trump from the beginning so their statements aren’t news. Those like Senators Mike Lee and Kelly Ayotte only reluctantly and tepidly supported Trump after it became clear that he was going to be the GOP nominee. Their withdrawal of support is therefore not surprising. The fact that Rep. Joe Heck (running to replace Senator Harry Reid) and Senator John Thune (member of Senate leadership) have spoken out is significant. When he loses Senator Jeff Session’s (the first Senator to endorse him) endorsement, it will mean that his brand has taken a hit and his stock is falling fast. As of Friday, Senator Sessions was still helping Trump prepare for his Sunday night debate. The fact that so many Members decided to jump ship at this juncture shows that they were never really with him anyway. I fear that Trump’s constant gaffes have cost the Republicans the Senate which they needed to retain control of regardless of who wins in November.

P.S. If the Trump supporters outside of Trump Tower in NYC and at Speaker Paul Ryan’s rally yesterday are any indication, then Trump’s earlier assertion that he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and not lose his true supporters may indeed be true. The real question is has he lost everyone else who was on the fence?





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