My Two Cents: Thoughts on Charlotte and Beyond

I’ve really tried to not say anything about the latest officer involved shootings and subsequent protests but I’m SO done with the ignorance on both sides. Here are a few of my thoughts.

  1. Dialogue is a two way street. You can’t tell people that their lack of pigment prevents them from having an opinion while simultaneously demanding that they speak out in the face of perceived injustices.
  2. We have to recognize that the only people we can control are ourselves. I don’t know what happened to individual accountability but we need to bring it back. Public officials who aren’t involved with an altercation don’t have to apologize for a situation that they weren’t present at. I don’t have to apologize for Black protesters in Charlotte. All of this guilt by association business needs to stop.
  3. Two wrongs don’t make a right. If an officer was wrong or didn’t follow the protocols in their jurisdiction, they should be punished just like anyone else. The other officers who were present should tell the truth in the internal affairs audit and in court. On the other side of the equation, concerned citizens and grieving families need to let the system work. If it fails, then they can appeal the verdict or sue in civil court. That’s how it works in a civilized society. (See Romans 13.)
  4. If my newsfeed is any indication, we seem to be trying to deal with too many problems at the same time. Americans are like a couple who haven’t dealt with issues for over a decade and then try to solve everything in one, knockdown, drag out fight. The racial issues we are dealing with today started back in 1619 and aren’t going to be solved overnight.
  5. When we have questions, we need to do our own research. Instead of just listening to the echo chamber of people who agree with us, we need to seek out the facts and read perspectives that my challenge our own.
  6. All protests aren’t equal.
  7. We can’t demand that sports figures or celebrities espouse values that they don’t share or don’t care to discuss. That goes for athletes of the Colin Kaepernick and Carmelo Anthony stripe, as well as those, of the Michael Jordan and Cam Newton variety.
  8. We shouldn’t cosign on foolishness and criminality because we share the same skin color, profession, or political affiliation. Right is right and wrong is wrong. Period.
  9. Human nature is always a factor in these situations. Who wants to tell the truth if they know the truth will hurt them? That goes for both sides. Body cameras are not a panacea (cure all) but getting them into every precinct needs to happen a.s.a.p. We need more transparency not less.
  10. Whether we like it or not, we all live on the same planet. Economic boycotts, while they may be warranted at times, are tools that should be employed with a great deal of caution. We have to be sure that we aren’t hurting the very people that we are trying to help. We all have bills to pay. Boycotts hurt real people who are trying to provide for their families on both sides of the issue.



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