If You Find Yourself Depressed About Politics

If you find yourself depressed about Donald Trump being the presumptive Republican nominee and the future of the GOP, here are a few things to remember.

  1. Remember that God is ultimately in control of everything.
  2. Remember that we survived the Clinton and Obama Administrations.
  3. Remember that the Founding Fathers had the good sense to enshrine the separation of powers in the Constitution.
  4. Remember that the media (print and social) ALWAYS blow things out of proportion. From the characterizations of the candidates and their records to the selective amnesia they (media) use when picking topics, things are never as bad as they seem. Save your outrage for things and issues that matter.
  5. Remember that scene on Law and Order where the lawyers go out to eat at the swanky restaurant in between cases. That is pretty much DC in a nutshell. Most of the politicians get along off camera. Don’t lose friends over elections. You might feel the need to “unfollow”but don’t “defriend” someone over a politician. Reagan Quote



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