Trumping Pro-Life Gains

“Trumping” Pro-Life Efforts: Life isn’t fair and neither is the coverage of conservative politicians. With that being said, Donald Trump’s convoluted response about pro-life positions on possible punishment for those who undergo/perform illegal abortion procedures was an unforced error.

First, MSNBC is a hostile network for conservatives. Secondly, questions coming from Chuck Todd or Andrea Mitchell (anyone on that network) are going to be slanted and framed in a unflattering way. Thirdly, conservative candidates have to be prepared to address hot button topics like social issues EVERY time they are interviewed by the liberal media. Hillary Clinton doesn’t have that problem but that’s the reality for the GOP candidate.

Personally, this media firestorm is frustrating because there are many DC based pro-life groups who have worked for years to craft compassionate messaging that conveys empathy for women and focuses on options (free ultrasounds, crisis pregnancy centers, and adoption efforts). Trump’s thoughtless comments make their job that much harder.

To get an idea of how candidates should talk about pro-life issues, check out this 2012 video of Senator Marco Rubio at the Susan B. Anthony List Gala. (*skip to 3:56)

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