Brokered Convention Breakdown

Question of the Day: What happens if neither Donald Trump or Ted Cruz secure a majority of state delegates before the RNC Convention in July?

Answer: There will be a brokered (contested) convention.

Fast Facts about Brokered Conventions:

1. Dem’s need 2328 delegates to secure the presidential nomination. Rep’s need 1237 delegates.

2. The RNC is in Cleveland. The DNC will be held in Philadelphia. Both are in July.

3. In 1920, the Dem’s had 103 rounds of voting before John Davis secured the nomination. He lost in the general election.

4. The last brokered convention was in 1952 at the DNC. They chose Adlai Stevenson. He lost in the general election. (See a pattern?)

5. Even though Bernie Sanders won all 3 states last weekend and has plenty of cash on hand, Hillary is well ahead of him in the delegate count thanks to the South and securing the so-called superdelegates.

Note: If Trump doesn’t secure the magic number of delegates after the last primary on June 7th, there will be a brokered convention.

In the first round of voting, delegates are bound to vote “for the one who brought them” which was determined by primary/caucus winning percentages. If no candidate receives the majority, there is a second round of voting.

In the second round, all bets are off and delegates are free to vote for the candidate of their choice.

There are negotiations, fights, demonstrations, deals, etc. between each round. Basically, it’s the Wild West of voting . The rounds of voting continue until a candidate receives 51% of the votes.

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