What is a Cerebral Conservative?

IMG_1659If there’s anything my time in DC taught me, it was that definitions matter.

Conservatives fall into three categories: defense, fiscal, and social. I align with all three of those groups to varying degrees.

Merriam Webster defines “cerebral” as of or relating to the brain; related to the mind rather than to feelings: intellectual and not emotional.

When it becomes to being cerebral, I think that holding traditional values and policy positions doesn’t mean turning off your brain. We need to advocate for conservatism while looking for innovative ways to tackle new challenges that arise.

We can’t expect the next generation to take a serious look at our platform if we refuse to address  the so-called “third rail” topics like social justice, poverty, criminal justice reform, and immigration. We can’t let liberals define those terms and we also can’t sit back while they convince millennials (who will be the next generation of voters) to “feel the bern” of socialism.

I hope to use this blog to introduce you to thinkers, authors, speakers, and politicians who are cerebral conservatives.


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